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High Quality Waterproof Shade Net Can Play its Role Better

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Before we gave you a lot of information about the sun screen, such as what is the sun screen, what is the role of the sun screen, sun screen is made of what materials and so on. However, we did not elaborate on how to choose waterproof shade net. It is very important to choose high-quality shading nets. Now let's look at the purchase method.

Take a look at the net surface of the sunscreen. If it is flat and smooth, flat wire parallel to the gap, neat and uniform, clear and lively longitude and latitude. So that's good, and of course, there's also a good gloss, a sense of texture, deep black light, rather than floating surface light. At the same time, flexibility should be moderate, elastic, no hardness, no roughness, flat space and thick texture. 


Formal sizing is required, and shading rate, size and size should be clearly marked. The larger the diameter of the waterproof shading net, the larger the shading rate. Similarly, the darker the color is, the higher the shading rate is. The density of the same knitted fabric will be error due to different color and thickness. When users choose shade nets, they should choose the screen with the corresponding shading rate according to the planting requirements.

These are the ways we choose to buy waterproof shade nets for you. When we go shopping again, we should know how to look at the waterproof net. Of course, the products of well-known enterprises will be more secure. It will be better to buy products at the right sales point. 



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