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Heavy Duty Tarpaulin – Four Key Points You Need To Know

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Heavy-duty waterproof tarpaulin, especially PE tarpaulin, is an industrial material widely used in various fields. This article will introduce in detail the product attributes, characteristics and production process of PE tarpaulin.

Product Attributes

PE tarpaulin, full name polyethylene tarpaulin, is a tarpaulin made of new polyethylene material. It has double-sided coating, which makes it more waterproof and durable. PE tarpaulin is usually used for open-air covering products, and its service life is about 2 years. This feature makes it have a longer service life than traditional color strip cloth. In addition, the colors of PE tarpaulins are bright, and common colors include blue-orange, blue-white, blue-silver, and double blue, etc., which not only increases the aesthetics of the product, but also facilitates identification in various environments.


The main features of PE tarpaulin include waterproof, durability, light weight and ease of use. Its waterproof properties make it an ideal choice for outdoor covering, whether in docks, coal plants, power plants or paper products factories, PE tarpaulins can provide effective protection. Durability means it can withstand frequent use and harsh weather conditions. The light weight makes PE tarpaulin easy to transport and install, and the ease of use is reflected in the fact that it can be processed into different sizes according to customer needs, such as 10 meters 20 meters, 20 meters 30 meters and 20 meters * 50 meters, etc., to meet the diverse needs Application requirements.

Production Process

The production process of PE tarpaulin is the key to its high quality and long life. First of all, the thickness of the tarpaulin has a direct impact on its performance. The greater the thickness, the stronger the tear and pressure resistance of the tarp, and the better its waterproof performance. During the production process, by precisely controlling the thickness, the PE tarpaulin can be ensured to have the required physical properties.

In addition, a durable PE tarpaulin production process includes processing the inner PE film material and the outer PE film material separately, and then combining them together by hot pressing or other methods to form a canopy with double-layer protection. cloth. This process not only enhances the durability of the tarp, but also improves its waterproof performance.

Application Areas

PE tarpaulins are used in many industries. For example, on construction sites, it can be used as a temporary covering material to protect equipment and materials from the weather. In the agricultural field, PE tarpaulins can be used to build greenhouses to provide necessary protection for crops. In addition, it is also used in automotive transportation, open-air warehousing and field operations.

In summary, PE tarpaulin plays an important role in multiple industries with its excellent waterproof performance, durability, lightness and ease of use. Fine control of its production process ensures high quality and long life of the product, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor covering and protection. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, the application scope and production technology of PE tarpaulin will continue to develop and improve.

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