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Heat Preservation Function of Waterproof Shade Net

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The emergence of the waterproof shade net has brought us great convenience, it can be sun shade in summer, winter can be used as cold insulation materials and so on. Today we will briefly talk about the heat preservation function of the waterproof shade net in the greenhouse.

The waterproof shade net of greenhouse has a certain degree of heat preservation effect. In winter, the idle shading net of greenhouse can be used as cold insulation material. According to the relevant experiments, the insulation effect of the shading net in the greenhouse is almost the same as that of the traditional straw curtain, and it is more labor-saving and more convenient to manage.

waterproof shade net

It can not only reduce the damage of freezing when encountering severe frost, but also help the growth of seedlings. In early spring, vegetables are covered with cold current and late frost. For some vegetables sown in early spring or planted in the field, because the climate is not very stable, timely and scientific covering of greenhouse waterproof shade net, not only can prevent cold currents, late frost, but also help to improve the quality of seedlings, for early maturity and high yield.

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