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Four Functions of Greenhouse Shade Net

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When the hot summer comes, the strong sunshine will test the protection ability of agriculture again. The strong sunshine will seriously affect the growth of crops and need to be prevented in advance. So in the construction of greenhouse projects, we will consider the use of internal and external shading system to prevent direct sunlight exposure, but some customers feel that only external shading system is enough for greenhouse projects, greenhouse shading is not necessary, in fact, this idea is not correct, greenhouse shading has its specific value and role, we will carefully understand the greenhouse through a few points below. Shade net effect in greenhouse.

First, greenhouse shade net can save water consumption, reduce the volatilization of plant and soil moisture, and also reduce the amount of water used for irrigation.

Second, it can save energy and keep temperature well. If the greenhouse shade net is closed, it can prevent the temperature in the greenhouse from flowing out through heat exchange or radiation, so as to reduce the energy loss in the greenhouse.

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Third, shade net can reduce the temperature by more than 50%-80%, and the room temperature in greenhouse can be reduced by about 4 degrees after the application of aluminum foil to refract part of the sunlight.

Fourth, shade net can also prevent damp mildew and fog droplets. Under the closed condition, the shading in the greenhouse can divide the greenhouse into relatively separate spaces, so as to achieve a good role in preventing the emergence of fog in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse shade net is very important whether in winter or summer, so it is reasonable to design and install greenhouse shade net so that your greenhouse can spend summer and winter safely.



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