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Effects of Waterproof Shade Cloth With Different Colors On Plants

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We all know that there are many kinds of colors. We also take into account the product problems when we choose clothes or other products, and the color affects photosynthesis very much. It is the most obvious in agriculture that agriculture needs to do photosynthesis and plant something. The waterproof shade cloth is used, and the result is very good. Here, carportnet gives you an analysis of the influence of different colors of waterproof shade cloth on plants.

waterproof shade cloth

There are four kinds of waterproof shade cloth, which are red net, blue net, silver grey net and black net. The effect of sun shade net cover on the growth and antioxidant properties of tomato plug seedlings is still very large. The waterproof shade net manufacturers indicated that the height, stem diameter, leaf area, fresh weight and dry weight of tomato seedlings covered by triangular sunshade were significantly higher than those without coverage. The seedling index of red net, blue net and Silver Ash net increased by 41.2%, 15.4% and 55.2% respectively, while black net decreased by 9.7%. The MDA content of tomato seedling leaves decreased, the activity of SOD and CAT decreased significantly, and the activity of POD was significantly reduced, and there was no significant difference between the other treatments. And the color of the waterproof sun sails is different, its production speed and production are different, so consumers can not choose when buying, they do not understand the need to listen to the recommendations of the professional sunshade network manufacturers.

From the article, we can understand that different colors of the waterproof shade net on the impact of the plant is very large, follow up in the purchase of the choice of color, do not pay attention to the color, if the choice of the color of the income is very large. Of course, the quality is also very important. If the quality is not good, the right color choice is not very effective.



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