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Do Waterproof Shade Nets Also Need to Be Used in Autumn?

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Our understanding of waterproof shade net may still stay in summer, providing shade for people and crops in the fields. Some friends will ask questions. Is shading net still useful in autumn? The answer given by the manufacturer is affirmative.

waterproof shade net

Although the waterproof shade net is nominally used to block the sun, but in fact, its role is not limited to this, the application season is not limited to summer, basically all the year round need to use it. Waterproof shade net manufacturer produces a variety of colors and needles, different colors and needles of sunshade mesh has different shading efficiency, some mesh used in autumn has a good effect.

Although there is no strong sunshine in autumn, but the temperature is low in the morning and evening, crops, vegetables and fruits in the field in this low temperature situation, it is easy to appear frostbite. In order to protect the crops in the field, shade net manufacturer still suggest you buy shade net, and according to the climate and temperature conditions. In late autumn, the temperature is lower, the impact on crops and vegetables is greater, the sun screen can play a role in heat preservation and antifreeze, is still very useful.



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