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Difference of Shading Effect of Waterproof Shade Net in Different Period

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We used to plant things directly when we were planted, but if the sun was too big, it would have a great impact on the crops, so if it was very hot, it would probably die in second days, but it would be a good way to avoid such a question if you use the waterproof shade net when you grow it. The problem happened. And the shading effect of shade net is different at different times. Next, let's learn about the difference of shading effect in different periods.

It is well known that the effect of sunshade net is well known. Do you know that the shading effect of the sunshade net in different periods is a certain difference? The high temperature coverage should effectively improve the ground temperature, and promote the crops to reduce the evaporation and irrigation times of the ground water to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and dehumidification. 

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The cover without drip film covering the cover of sunshade net covered with local conditions and local conditions is used for season and vegetable coverage with higher light intensity. The shading and cooling effects of different sizes of shading nets are also different. It plays a very good role in preventing insect pest migration. Summer cover will play a role in light shielding, rain, moisture and cooling. The shading net has different effects on shading and cooling. The shading net is only limited to summer vegetables, and the shading net is used to screen the shading net.

This article mainly introduces the difference of shading effect in different periods of shading net. At present, the market price of sunshade net manufacturers is not perfect. Some manufacturers will earn money by cutting corners in order to earn more money. This is not advisable. Carportnet is doing very well in this respect. We not only provide quality products, but also the prices of products are very reasonable. Of course, the service is very good in the future. The purchase of our products is very secure.



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