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Difference Between Shading And Cooling Effect of Waterproof Shade Net

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We always adhere to the "high quality from the professional, high quality win the market" as the concept, the production of waterproof shade net at a reasonable price by customers alike. Below take you to understand the difference of shading and cooling effect of waterproof net.

The main function of waterproof net crops is to cover with plastic film, to prevent the sun from radiating, to prevent the damage of the impact temperature of rainstorm, and to spread diseases and insect pests. It is advisable to increase the ground temperature effectively and promote crop growth to reduce the number of evaporation and irrigation of ground water so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and humidity reduction. The drip-free film covering greenhouse was used to cover vegetable with high light intensity and season.

waterproof shade net

The shading and cooling effects of different sizes of waterproof net are also different. It plays a very good role in preventing insect pest migration. After summer mulching, it has the function of protecting sunlight, rain and humidity; after winter and spring mulching, it has the function of increasing temperature and humidity. The shading net has different effects on shading and cooling. The shading net is only limited to summer vegetables, and the shading net is used to screen the shading net.

The function of waterproof net is really great. It can effectively help us plant crops such as plants and vegetables. 



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