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Covering Method of Agricultural Waterproof Shade Net

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Because the agricultural waterproof shade net has the characteristics of high strength, good elasticity, easy installation, environmental protection, sanitation, softness, non-pollution, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, insect moth, mildew rot, cold resistance and so on. So it is widely used in many industries, in the use of agricultural shading nets, we must follow the correct coverage method to operate, some people will ask, specific coverage method is correct? We will answer this question for you.

waterproof shade net-320DG (6)

The concrete covering method of agricultural waterproof sunshade is: along the direction of greenhouse, fix a 1.6-1.8 meter width agricultural sunshade net every 30-50 cm spacing on the arch pole of greenhouse. This kind of covering method can not only play the role of shading, cooling and water proof, but also make every corner of the greenhouse get short-term equilibrium of direct light due to the change of solar height. The irradiation not only saves the trouble of uncovering and covering the net every day, but also reduces the amount of net used. It covers more than 600 square meters of net used in 667 square meters, and covers only 400-450 square meters at intervals, which is generally suitable for cultivation of various vegetables.

This article introduces the coverage method of agricultural sunshade net, in fact, there are other coverage methods we no longer introduce here. If you are interested in understanding, you can go to the Internet to check the relevant information. Welcome to our company to buy waterproof shade net, our shade net quality is reliable, affordable, at any time you are welcome to consult. We will have professionals to answer questions for you.



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