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Benefits of Waterproof Shade Net in winter

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Some people describe the northern winter as a white (film covered), the southern summer as a black (waterproof shade net). So what are the advantages of waterproof shade net in winter?

1. Heat preservation and humidification: Leaf vegetables planted in winter cover the surface of leaf vegetables directly (floating surface cover), with the effect of heat preservation and humidification.

waterproof shade net-320DB (5)

2. Reduced the occurrence of disease: because it has a certain degree of air permeability, the leaf surface is still dry after covering, reducing the occurrence of disease.

3. It also has a certain translucency, and it will not cover up the yellow.

4. Because of its light weight, only about 280 grams per square meter, for the already grown tall leafy vegetables will not overwhelm, bend, reduce commodity.



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