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Benefits of Vegetable Cultivation Covered With Shade Net

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Plastic shade net is also called shading net, shading net, shading net, cold yarn or cool yarn. Its products are mainly made of polyolefin resin as raw materials, with anti-aging agents and various colors added, melted and weaved by drawing, a new type of lightweight, high strength, aging-resistant agricultural plastic covering material. The color of shading net includes black, silver gray, white, light green, blue, yellow, black and silver gray, etc. Silver grey net and black net are widely used in production.

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Silver-grey net has good light transmission, avoids aphids and prevents viral diseases. It is suitable for vegetable mulching in early summer, early autumn and requires high light intensity. The effect of shading and cooling after covering with different specifications of shading net is also different. When the narrow mesh needs to be spliced together, the nylon thread should be used to sew, and no cotton thread or plastic rope should be wrapped in the market to prevent the breakage due to aging in the use process.



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