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Agriculture Plastic Shade Netting

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Plastic shade netting can be used in greenhouse which can help protect your horticulture stock from nuisance animals and foraging wildlife. Meanwhile plastic mesh makes ideal shade nets for plants, vegetables in greenhouses and nurseries due to its light weight, low cost and uniform mesh opening. The mesh structure gives uniform shadow for the plants and uniform air flow required by the greenhouses.

Plastic netting can also be used to help contain mulch or compost. The breathable open mesh structure allows air flow while preventing moisture and mildew buid-up.  Plastic mesh lets water and light reach plants with plenty of air circulation, while providing inexpensive protection for your valuable nursery stock.

plastic shade net

Many of plastic shade net products are manufactured with additives that stabilize and protect plastic against Ultra Violet (UV) degradation to allow for extended use outdoors. Products with this UV stabilizer are black in color. The use of this black colorant increases service life while decreasing the visibility of the netting from a distance -- a benefit in many outdoor applications.




Flower and fruit growing;

Other applications.

Benefits of Using:

Plastic mesh fabric is strong, flexible and can be used for a long time.

Technical Info of Plastic Shade Net:

Material: High density HDPE.

Shade ratio: 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%.

Width: From 1m to 6m.

Length: Any length.

Color: Green black, white, blue, beige.



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