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Advantages of Safety Net

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If you choose the safety net, then you are wise, because its operation process and accessories are relatively standardized, some people would like to ask whether other networks are not standardized? No, we are making a safety net, so the requirements in every aspect are relatively high, higher than the general protection net. So you have nothing wrong with choosing a safety net.

safety net

We must hang a safety net under the working parts at high altitudes; when the height of the building exceeds 4m, we must set up a safety net gradually rising with the wall; after the Xi'an hanging basket, a fixed safety net should be set every 4m; in the outer frame, bridge frame, the top and bottom hole must be set up a safety net. The installation of safety net should be low inside and high outside, and the difference of expenditure is generally about 5 Ocm; the supporting rods are free from fracture and bending; the gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall surface should be less than 15 cm; and the distance between the lowest point of the net and the surface of the object below should be more than 3 m.

It should also be noted that the distance between the center line of the right angle fastener and the main node should not be greater than 150 mm. The right angle fastener has good use value in use. The right angle fastener has safety advantages, quality advantages and brand advantages. This fastener has good product advantages and can show good advantages in construction. Steel pipe scaffolding rents less labor and costs more than renting inferior iron fasteners. When using right angle fasteners, they should make full contact with the steel pipe name wall, and then use T-type bolts to fasten them. Because fasteners are not easy to rust and break, it is convenient to maintain them after use, which reduces the cost. The difficulty of maintenance also saves the cost of maintenance, reduces the manpower and material resources of maintenance, and increases the efficiency and quality of construction.



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